Anonlysis is a Telecom Market Research leader, provides actionable telecom industry research and analysis, insights, statistics, data, reports, case-studies, emerging MNOs/ MVNOs, technology trends, forecasts, customers and competition analysis for business leaders who make data-driven decisions.

About Us

We understand the challenging decisions involved and we know what is at stake.

We believe in the power of Research & Analysis to solve problems, to assist business leaders, mobile network operators, telecom vendors, investors and government change-makers match the accelerated pace of change through informed analytical decisions. We support executives and investment managers globally with our products and services aimed at substantiated actionable market intelligence and strategic insights to bring meaningful and tangible change. Changing business environments compel business leaders and organizations to re-engineer their business processes in order to stay relevant.


To empower transformation and accelerated change with analytical research and insights surrounding evolving trends, disruptive technologies, business models, competition and analysis. Businesses need to operate differently to match the fundamentally challenging speed of transformation.

Some of you are innovating and disrupting whole sectors to change the world. We understand the challenging decisions involved and we know what is at stake.





Understand today. Transform the future.

Our expertise is more important than ever as small and mid-size businesses, large enterprises, governments, look to improve productivity, maximize profitability and increase satisfaction. We do this for technology, media and telecommunications companies, mobile network operators, internet service providers, their vendor communities and the extended ecosystem.

Our analysis, insights, technology, and people successfully navigate intersections to embrace the increasingly complex world of Artificial Intelligence (IA), Carrier Services, Network Services, Cloud, Disruptive Technologies, Emerging Markets, Hardware, Mobility, Machine-to-Machine (M2M), Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT). We understand what’s is a stake – and all of the challenging decisions involved.

Who We Support

We support leaders, established, and young start-ups, business executives, consultants and entrepreneurs in analysing their markets, target niche, planning product development, go-to-market and outreach initiatives. Our analysts and subject matter experts analyse examine trends and topics affecting industries and markets.

We provide a wide range of industrial and market research, and data-analysis services, focused on assisting digital service providers and their extended technology and ecosystem partners thrive in a rapidly changing digital economy.


To fundamentally support and empower business executives, mobile network operators, telecom vendors, investors and government change-makers to match the accelerated pace of change.

These enduring attributes bring us together as a Company everyday.



Simplified, yet quite powerful.  To serve and empower our customers, partners, industry peers, employees and community with a moral commitment and ethical compass that permits us to do business with integrity, honesty, quality, stewardship and growth.

We are more than just a business. A growing family of geeks, data-analysts, researchers with committed values at the heart of everything we do.

Our core values are the key principles which guide our business conduct and relationship. It defines how we engage with our peers and customers. How we deliver value and how we behave. We are all accountable to align our conduct with these values.

  • We succeed from satisfied customers.
  • We endeavor for excellence.
  • We encourage change & growth.
  • We support accountability.
  • We value our communities.
  • We are responsible corporate citizen.


What we do

We are building a better tomorrow

Market Insights & Opportunity Assessments

  • Market Sizing (Insights & forecasts)
  • Market Opportunity Assessments (Insights & forecasts)
  • Product Usability and Viability (International/ Domestic)
  • Technology Assessments (Competitor Intelligence + Insights & forecasts)
  • Thought leadership reports (Leadership Intelligence)

M&A Due Diligence

  • M&A Insights and Support
  • New Venture Due Diligence
  • Joint Venture Opportunity Assessment (International/ Domestic)
  • Ecosystem Opportunity Assessment (International/ Domestic)

Research Advisory Service (RAS)

  • Market Evaluations
  • Partnership Evaluations
  • Value and Supply Chain Analysis
  • Executive Education (recommendations, evaluations and fit-case)
  • Board meeting support

Competitive Intelligence

  • On-Demand Custom Tear-downs (Competitor Intelligence)
  • Product Comparison and Review (Competitor Intelligence)
  • Competitive Market Share (International/ Domestic)