Angola Telecom Industry – Competitive Intelligence, Market Trend, Opportunity Analysis and Forecast 2020-2025



“Angola Telecom Industry – Competitive Intelligence, Market Trend, Opportunity Analysis and Forecast 2020-2025” is a new Telecom Country Intelligence Report by Anonlysis. This Research provides an executive-level overview of the telecommunications market in Angola today, with detailed forecasts of key indicators up to 2025. The research offers detailed analysis of recent telecom market trends, the near-term opportunities, competitive landscape and evolution of demand by service type and technology/platform across the fixed telephony, broadband, and mobile, as well as a review of key regulatory trends in the country.


This Telecom Country Intelligence Report provides in-depth analysis of the following

  • Demographic and macroeconomic scenario in Angola along with key statistics.
  • Telecom services market outlook: Mobile, Fixed-line, Broadband, OTT, and PayTV market analysis and forecast.
  • The Competitive Landscape: An examination of the positioning of leading players in the telecom services market as well as subscription market shares across segments.
  • Company Profile and Snapshots: Analysis of the leading telecom service providers in the market.
  • The Regulatory Environment and Trends: A review of the key regulatory developments related to spectrum licensing, national broadband plans, tariff regulation, and more.
  • This report also analyses the impact of COVID-19 on the Angola telecom industry.


Key Questions Answered by this Report:

  • What are the dominant trends from Angola telecom market?
  • Who are the key players in Angola telecom market?
  • Who are the leading operators?
  • What is the market size of Angola telecom market?
  • What is the competitive landscape of Angola telecom market?
  • What are the key regulatory changes and major announcements from the governments?
  • What are operator’s KPIs – Subscriber, Revenue, and ARPU? (Actual data, and growth %)
  • What will be the future growth in terms of subscriber, smartphone penetration, etc.?


Key Benefits of Buying the Report:

  • The research will help key stakeholders (operators, equipment vendors and other telecom industry players) understand the pulse of the Angola telecom market and provide information on key market drivers, restraints, challenges, and opportunities.
  • The report will help understand the COVID-19 impact on the Angola telecom market.
  • The competitive intelligence will help decision makers in finding ways to maintain or develop their competitive edge.
  • The highly reliable market forecasts will help decision makers substantiate their business decisions.


Companies Mentioned in the Report:

  • Unitel, Movicel, Huawei, ZTE, Instituto Angolano das Comunicações (INACOM)


Who Should Read This Report:

  • Telecom Technology Suppliers
  • Telecom Equipment Suppliers
  • Mobile Network Operators
  • Fixed-Line Operators
  • Telecom Consultants and Researchers
  • Investors


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