Internet of Things (IoT) – Leading Telecom Operators’ Portfolios, Business Models, & Future Planning 2018-2023



IoT technology is developing rapidly, and projected to add billions of new connections each year across everything on the planet. It will generate trillion dollar economic value globally, and (will) have huge impact on every industry vertical, as well as on humans, societies, and governments. IoT has already created new business opportunities for service providers in domains such as wearables, connected home, smart cities, manufacturing, and healthcare.


Despite the strong outlook of IoT market, telecom operators have not been aggressive in this field, except few players such as AT&T, Telefonica, and China Mobile. However, they have lately realized that IoT is their future. Telecom operators are now formulating strategies to earn a larger share of spend on IoT by moving along the value chain. However, the aspiration to offer more than connectivity solution is not as easy as it may seem. As operators move up in the IoT value chain, they will have to compete with a new set of competitors, from innovative and disruptive start-ups to Internet giants, having unique value propositions and assets that most of the telecom operators can’t match – at least for now. The message is clear that operators, although, have connectivity as their core strength, but they need to build strategies wisely to register profit from IoT investment.


This report provides detailed analysis of leading telecom operators’ strategies vis-à-vis IoT market – range of products and services, business models, and future planning. Executives can use this research to examine the Internet of Things initiatives by telecom operators including their target markets, details of major initiatives, along with their future planning.


Following are the key questions that the report answers:  

  1. Who are the leading telecom operators in IoT business?
  2. How leading telecom operators are exploring IoT business opportunities?
  3. What are the IoT portfolios of leading telecom operators?
  4. What are their IoT business models?
  5. What are their future plans for IoT?


Companies Mentioned in the Report

AT&T, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, Deutsche Telekom, Etisalat, KDDI, LG Uplus, Orange, Telefónica, Telenor Group, Telia, Turkcell, Verizon, Vodafone Group, Zain


Table of Contents


1            Introduction

1.1          Market Definition

1.2         Methodology

2           Executive Summary

3           Telecom Operator Initiatives, Business Models, And Future Planning

3.1         AT&T

3.1.1      IoT Portfolio Analysis

3.1.2      IoT Business Model

3.2         China Mobile

3.2.1      IoT Portfolio Analysis

3.2.2     IoT Business Model

3.3         China Telecom

3.3.1      IoT Portfolio Analysis

3.3.2      IoT Business Model

3.4         China Unicom

3.4.1     IoT Portfolio Analysis

3.4.2    IoT Business Model

3.5        Deutsche Telekom

3.5.1     IoT Portfolio Analysis

3.5.2     IoT Business Model

3.6        Etisalat

3.6.1     IoT Portfolio Analysis

3.6.2    IoT Business Model

3.7        KDDI

3.7.1      IoT Portfolio Analysis

3.7.2     IoT Business Model

3.8        LG Uplus

3.8.1      IoT Portfolio Analysis

3.8.2      IoT Business Model

3.9          Orange

3.9.1      IoT Portfolio Analysis

3.9.2      IoT Business Model

3.10        Telefónica

3.10.1    IoT Portfolio Analysis

3.10.2    IoT Business Model

3.11        Telenor Group

3.11.1    IoT Portfolio Analysis

3.11.2    IoT Business Model

3.12        Telia

3.12.1    IoT Portfolio Analysis

3.12.2    IoT Business Model

3.13        Turkcell

3.13.1    IoT Portfolio Analysis

3.13.2    IoT Business Model

3.14        Verizon

3.14.1    IoT Portfolio Analysis

3.14.2    IoT Business Model

3.15        Vodafone Group

3.15.1    IoT Portfolio Analysis

3.15.2    IoT Business Model

3.16        Zain

3.16.1    IoT Portfolio Analysis

3.16.2    IoT Business Model


List of Figures

Figure 3-1:  AT&T IoT Portfolio

Figure 3-2:  China Mobile IoT Portfolio

Figure 3-3:  China Telecom IoT Portfolio

Figure 3-4:  China Unicom IoT Portfolio

Figure 3-5:  Deutsche Telekom IoT Portfolio

Figure 3-6:  Etisalat IoT Portfolio

Figure 3-7:  KDDI IoT Portfolio

Figure 3-8:  LG Uplus IoT Portfolio

Figure 3-9:  Orange IoT Portfolio

Figure 3-10:  Telefónica IoT Portfolio

Figure 3-11:  Telenor Group IoT Portfolio

Figure 3-12:  Telia IoT Portfolio

Figure 3-13:  Turkcell IoT Portfolio

Figure 3-14:  Verizon IoT Portfolio

Figure 3-15:  Vodafone Group IoT Portfolio

Figure 3-16:  Zain IoT Portfolio



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