World 5G Network – Planning, Adoption, & Deployment Strategies 2018-2025



World 5G Network Planning, Adoption, & Deployment Strategies 2018 – 2025


This Anonlysis featured Research examines the planning and adoption strategies of various stakeholders of 5G. More than 130 operators have launched 5G trials or expressed their commitments to do so. Leading vendors have achieved huge success in developing key technologies to fuel 5G networks of the future. Governments of the USA, UK, Japan, Korea, China, and India are formulating aggressive 5G strategies. However, China is more aggressive and it is likely to lead the global 5G market. Our analysis confirms that 5G is coming faster than expected. Operators need to revisit their strategies for transition from 4G to 5G.


This research evaluates key strategies mobile network operators should be considering as they move from 4G to 5G. It also analyses applications and use cases of 5G across different industry verticals.

The report offers an extensive forecast for 5G connections, Revenue, and ARPU/ ARPC that operators can utilize to substantiate their strategic business decisions.


Following are the key questions that the report answers:

  1. Who are the leading 5G operators?
  2. What are the strategies of leading 5G operators?
  3. Who are the leading 5G vendors?
  4. What are their Key Solutions and 5G Operator Engagements?
  5. How are governments planning for 5G?
  6. What is the current scenario of 5G Standard?
  7. What are the key 5G use cases and Verticals?
  8. What are the results of various 5G trials so far?
  9. Which countries/ operators are expected to launch 5G in 2018-2020?
  10. What are the major driving forces of early 5G deployments?
  11. How will 5G connections and revenue grow in the coming years?
  12. 5G ARPU/ ARPC forecast for 2018-2025.

Key Findings

The Report has the Following Key Findings:

  • More than 70% of operators worldwide will be facing capacity issues in at least 40% sites by 2022. That’s the reason the advancements in 5G are happening at a much faster pace than predicted.
  • The United States, China, South Korea, and Japan are actively working to develop, test and deploy 5G network in their respective markets.
  • Verizon Wireless has taken the lead in the 5G deployment. The US telco is all set to launch 5G FWA this year, and it is highly bullish on its 5G business revolving around content in initial years.
  • China has planned to deploy wide-scale commercial 5G network by 2020. In fact, China has made 5G a key pillar of its overall industrial strategy, including Made in China 2025 and its 13th Five-Year Plan. Alongside, China is aggressively pushing itself to take technological leadership in 5G.
  • As the transition to 5G has already started in few markets, MNOs, as well as industries and governments worldwide, are evaluating and planning to seize the opportunity.
  • The worldwide network capital expenditure is projected to double from 2020 to 2025 driven by 5G deployments. The huge deployment cost of 5G is forcing operators to consider network sharing model which can reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 30%.
  • Telcos are following different roadmaps for 5G deployment based on market need and their strategies. The commercial 5G network will be deployed in at least 20 markets in 2019 and in more than 60 markets by 2020.


Companies Mentioned in the Report

  • AT&T
  • China Mobile
  • Ericsson
  • Etisalat
  • Intel
  • KT Corp.
  • Nokia
  • NTT DoCoMo
  • Qualcomm
  • Samsung
  • SK Telecom
  • Verizon Wireless
  • ZTE

Table of Contents

  1.  Executive Summary

    1.1. LTE, LTE-Advanced, and 5G Market Insights
    1.2. 5G Business Model Challenge
    1.3. 5G Ecosystem and Value Chain
    1.4. 5G Investment and RoI
    1.5. 5G Players’ Assessment
    1.6. Are Vendors Pushing 5G Just for their Profit?
    1.7. Operators’ Pre-5G Strategies
    1.8. Governments’ 5G Strategies
    1.9. 5G Standardization Progress
    1.10. 5G Infrastructure Progress
    1.11. 5G NR
    1.12. Operator 5G Business Model & RoI

  2. 5G Market Landscape

    2.1. Introduction

    2.2. Market Dynamics
    2.2.1. Drivers
    2.2.2. Restraints
    2.2.3. Opportunities
    2.2.4. Challenges
    2.3. 5G Market Update Q1 2018
    2.3.1. 5G Operator Trials and Achievements
    2.4. Value Chain Analysis
    2.4.1. 5G Vendor Solutions Progress
    2.4.2. 5G Prototypes
    2.4.3. 5G NR
    2.4.4. Why is 5G Ecosystem rising so quickly?
    2.4.5. Will 4G fade away with 5G?

  3. LTE, LTE-Advanced, LTE-Advanced Pro, and 5G Situation Overview

    3.1. 4G LTE Evolution to 5G

    3.1.1. LTE Standards Evolving to 5G
    3.1.2. Evolution of Massive MIMO in LTE networks
    3.2. Leading Operators in the US and Asia Pacific will Launch Commercial 5G
    during 2018-2020
    3.3. Global 5G Trials and Commitments
    3.3.1. `North America
    3.3.2. Asia Pacific
    3.3.3. Europe
    3.3.4. Latin America
    3.3.5. Africa & Middle East

  4. 5G Market Demand, Key Verticals, and Use Cases

    4.1. 5G FWA

    4.2. 5G Mobile Broadband
    4.3. 5G IoT
    4.3.1. 5G Consumer IoT
    4.3.2. 5G Industrial IoT
    4.3.3. 5G Public IoT
    4.4. 5G Smart City
    4.5. 5G Smart Homes
    4.6. 5G AR & VR (Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality)
    4.7. 5G Healthcare
    4.8. 5G Automobile

  5. 5G Vendor Competitive Landscape

    5.1. Huawei

    5.1.1. 5G Product Portfolio
    5.1.2. 5G Operator Engagement
    5.2. ZTE
    5.2.1. 5G Product Portfolio
    5.2.2. 5G Operator Engagement
    5.3. Ericsson
    5.3.1. 5G Product Portfolio
    5.3.2. 5G Operator Engagement
    5.4. Nokia
    5.4.1. 5G Product Portfolio
    5.4.2. 5G Operator Engagement
    5.5. Qualcomm
    5.5.1. 5G Product Portfolio
    5.5.2. 5G Operator Engagement
    5.6. Intel
    5.6.1. 5G Product Portfolio
    5.6.2. 5G Operator Engagement
    5.7. Samsung
    5.7.1. 5G Product Portfolio
    5.7.2. 5G Operator Engagement

  6. 5G Operator Case Studies

    6.1. Verizon Wireless
    6.2. AT&T
    6.3. KT Corp.
    6.4. SK Telecom
    6.5. NTT DoCoMo
    6.6. China Mobile
    6.7. Etisalat

  7. Global 5G Infrastructure, Devices, Connections and Operator Billed Service

    Revenue Forecasts 2018-2025

    7.1. Global 5G Subscribers 2018-2025
    7.2. Regional 5G Subscribers 2018-2025
    7.3. Global 5G Subscribers by Type (5G FWA & Mobile) 2018-2025
    7.4. 5G Market Revenue Potential 2018-2025
    7.4.1. Global 5G Service Revenue 2018-2025
    7.4.2. 5G ARPU
    7.4.3. Regional 5G Service Revenue 2018-2025
    7.4.4. 5G Devices Market 2018-2025
    7.4.5. 5G Infrastructure Market 2018-2025
    7.5. USA
    7.6. Japan
    7.7. South Korea
    7.8. China
    7.9. India


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