Our Services

Market Intelligence

Anonlysis assists businesses executives, consultants, and businesses identify opportunities to build a competitive business strategies based on in depth industry analysis and understanding of their customers, competitors and overall marketplace.

  • Our analysts and consultants excel at redefining data into actionable insights-driven decisions for your business.
  • Our analysts and consultants assists you identifying possible market shifts, prospective target markets.
  • We apply the right set of methodologies (quantitative and qualitative) across primary and secondary sources to gather intelligence.
  • We benchmark your business against competition, assess what you missed, new technologies and products, to understand factors that drive your consumer behavior
  • Let our analysts tap into the underlying data, validate findings, and generate actionable insights for you and you business.
  • Data tabulation and visualization that highlight interesting patterns, trends, and correlation within your current markets and target niche.

Business Strategy

We work with clients from different industry verticals to re-engineer market change and process clarity to drive improvements in areas important to customers and major stakeholders. We identify key organizational goals, cost structures, business performance and map them against current process flow and output to understand process gaps. This information is then used to re-design and create a ‘right-fit’ future state model.

  • Change dynamics are endless, we save you time and help explore an endless change in market dynamics within your current markets and target niche, multi-channel research based analysis of competitive marketing plans as part of a go-to-market strategy.
  • Use Ansoff’s Matrix advanced frameworks to understand the risk of different strategic options, growth and expansion options into your business strategy, identify gaps, and harness latest technologies to understand customers and grow revenues.
  • Explore domestic and overseas markets based on our assessment of product market fit, and plan acquisition or collaboration strategies.
  • Discover how automation can add substantial efficiencies to your current processes, change and effectiveness of your sales and marketing strategy, enhance integration between sales and marketing teams.