Our Methodology

Anonlysis Research Reports, Databases, and Market Insights are developed using a variety of primary and secondary information. A combination of methods and rich sources are utilized to create high quality research products.

We strive to offer our clients the best research products. And, in order to achieve that we do not rely on any one single source of information. Our experienced analysts always refer to high-quality resources for their research – paid databases, leading publications, and direct engagement with company executives. Most of the critical information is cross-checked with multiple sources to ensure accuracy and completeness. *We often engage directly with C-level executives for their valuable inputs, market estimations, unbiased, and variable forecasts.

Research Methods

Our experts collect all the required data for every research projects – current market landscape, latest market developments, company and vendor positioning, key technological innovations that are shaping the market, regulatory and compliance issues, and possible disruptions through appropriate research methods. Unique research design is prepared for each project with suitable mix of both primary and secondary research to bring reports that executives can rely upon and substantiate their business decisions.

Secondary Sources

- Company annual reports and Press Releases
- Industry Forums/ Trade Conferences/ Presentations
- Company Contracts & Announcements,
- Company Websites and News,
- Government/ Industry Portals,
- Proprietary and Paid Databases,
- Statistical Publications,
- Industry Journals.

Primary Research

Primary research is used to gather all the required data for the research that are not readily available but are crucial for the study. We use a range of primary research methods such as Survey, Interview, opinion poll, expert inputs, etc.

Surveys of primary, secondary as well as tertiary stakeholders are conducted to gain a 360° view of the industry. To make the study more composite, the findings of surveys are judged by industry experts for any misleading interpretations and strategic recommendations.

Market Forecasting

We take into perspective a vast collection of reports from a number of sources to estimate current market sizes. The bottom-up approach is used to estimate national and regional market size of the industry/ product. All the possible levers/ catalysts that may affect the future values are added with current market size to generate forecasts on year-on-year basis.

The insights gained after the complete process are presented in reports with all the required charts and figures to help executives gain a clear view of the key issues, market opportunities, forecasts, added with actionable recommendations.

*All our analysts are indefinitely compelled to cross analyse information shared by company executives.

*Where found to be misleading; information shared with our analyst/s during an interview will be considered null and void.