Discover & Build Your Competitive Edge With Anonlysis.

Discover and build your competitive edge with Anonlysis telecom market research services. We assist executives, mobile network operators, telecom vendors, investors and government change-makers to match the accelerated pace of change through informed analytical decisions. Our goal, is to assist you with essential analytical insights in developing a deeper understanding of disruptive changes.


At the risk of stating the obvious; “The competitive edge & effectiveness of your organization relies on how-well you understand and respond to disruptive innovations during an accelerated pace of change.” – S.E. Onwuka, Sr. Analyst.

Analysis, Insights, Forecasts, Strategic Advising, Business Intelligence, Research Consulting - Key Focus Areas Include: Telcos, MNOs, MVNOs, ISPs, TMT, Tariffs, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), M2M, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality (AR), OTT, User Experience, Components, Service Providers, Enterprise.